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Four generations of experience and integrity buying selling and servicing furs 

Fair Market Assessment


We take all factors into consideration when appraising your furs. You will benefit from generations of fur marketing expertise  



In most circumstances consignment will be your best option for selling. Let us represent your piece with our enormous exposure as fourth generation furriers. We take a much smaller commission than other websites and have the knowledge and experience of fur to get your piece sold quickly and the connections and know how to get you the highest possible price 

Industry Trends Dictate Novel Solutions


Industry Trends

Although there currently is a sizable glut of used furs in North America, your fur may be more valuable than you know.  If your mink or other fur garment is in good condition, we advise against accepting an unreasonably low offer. 

We have been buying and selling used furs for decades

We have been involved in buying and selling used furs worldwide in the New York fur market for generations. As such we have a  unique understanding of the value and desirability for your furs. 

One man's trash is another's treasure

What seems unusable to a suburban housewife outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin may be a treasure in Reno, Nevada or Seoul, Korea. Nobody has a better ability, connections or wherewithal to get a realistic offer for your used furs like United States Fur / Kamoshen.    

Every transaction is different

Our purpose is to best serve you the seller, as well as to procure the highest possible offer in the shortest time. Therefore it would be counterproductive to put limitations on ourselves.  Each fur piece is unique and every sellers has different needs. 

We sell on a multitude of platforms

We use our fourth generation furrier connections in the fur industry, our unique understanding of the used fur trade, and our online experience to display and promote your fur on a  multitude of platforms to sell your pieces.  

In conclusion

Although we have begun phasing out the instant gratification facet of purchasing furs outright, we offer many alternative solutions to cash out the value of your fur.

3 step process

Step 1: We prefer you call us first. Then email photos


Please Include with your photos any contact information to 

or text to 

1-212 268 0820 

Step 2: We will respond timely


If we are interested in purchasing your fur we will respond in 48 hours or less. If you don't hear from us, feel free to give us a follow up call...  Direct phone:

212 268 0820

Step 3 Shipping


If we are interested in purchasing or brokering your fur we can assist you with photography details and  / or shipping 

Email pictures to


Email address:

 United States Fur - Kamoshen 

United States Fur - Kamoshen

1-212 268 0820 or 1-561 488 5620