We make selling furs

The best place on the web to to sell your previously owned furs

email:  info@unitedstatesfur.com


Four generations of experience and integrity buying selling and servicing furs 

Fair Market Assessment

We take all factors into consideration when appraising your furs.   


We can buy your furs outright, or in some circumstances we allow consignment. Let us represent your piece with our enormous exposure as fourth generation furriers. We take a much smaller commission than other websites and have the knowledge and experience of fur to get your piece sold quickly and the connections and know how to get you the highest possible price. 

3 step process

Step 1: Call us first. Direct phone: 561 488 5620. Then email photos

Include with your photos any contact information to usfurexchange@gmail.com 

Step 2: We will respond timely

If we are interested in purchasing your fur we will respond in 48 hours or less. If you don't hear from us feel free to give us a follow up call...  Direct phone:

561 488 5620

Step 3 Shipping

If we are interested in purchasing your fur we can assist you with shipping 



Email address:  info@unitedstatesfur.com

 United States Fur - Kamoshen International Inc. 

United States Fur - Kamoshen International

1-561 488 5620